It’s time for everyone to wear double face masks. It is necessary and will save lives of you and the ones around.

Delhi NCR has been on lockdown since April. The second-wave of COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many so much that it has resulted in tremendous loss of lives due to shortage of oxygen, unavailability of hospital beds which ultimately led to funeral pyres being burnt, round the clock. 

These harrowing times only makes everyone realize the importance of extra precautions for protection against this deadly virus.

First, it starts with staying indoors as much as possible. However, there are needs- not everyone can afford to stay at home and get everything delivered to their doorstep. That is when stepping out of the house seems necessary and when wearing two face masks is vital.

The health experts have suggested that wearing double face masks reduces the chance of spreading the disease and getting infected. According to CDC, double face masks are a barrier against COVID-19 only when:-

  1. Ensured that the double masks are properly worn 
  2. Wearing face masks that fit snugly. 
How can you wear double masks?

Wear a surgical mask first and then the cloth mask for a comfortable wear. The most comfortable way of pairing your disposable face mask is with a cloth mask. It increases the effectiveness, It will also not cause suffocation. 

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The face masks with nose pins provide good-fitting. The wearer needs to ensure the nose pin closes the gap and offers a contoured-fit.

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The use of two disposable face masks might not be effective. Moreover, it is polluting the environment by and large. Opt for a disposable and a cloth mask for better protection.

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