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Pamper yourself with FABrelax- your leg’s best friend which promises to relax your body and mind


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Compression therapy

Compression therapy is a simple and effective means of increasing blood flow activity in the lower limbs through strengthening vein support. It’s a form of wound care that aims to gently apply pressure to the ankles and legs. Compression therapy is effective for people with increased pressure that strains the leg veins, which can prompt valves within the veins to fail to work efficiently, resulting in blood flow to back up and eventually pool out in the legs. Without effective compression therapy these seemingly smaller problems can lead to future issues.

Static Compression

Specialized stockings provide static compression. These dressings then work to slowly stretch out vein walls and improve overall circulation, which in turn helps eliminate swelling. Typical compression stockings are generally made from elastic garment apparel, and once put on allow for graduated constriction to begin at the ankle and working its way up the leg. The socks or stockings serve as a replicated muscle, adding some pressure to contracting areas of restricted blood circulation in the leg, allowing veins to loosen up and reduce pain in the lower limbs.

Dynamic Compression

Dynamic leg compression is a form of compression that mimics the contraction of natural muscles in your calves. It helps improve circulation and increase cellular oxygen supply. By compressing your feet, you encourage the circulation of blood where it needs the most support. This, in turn, can help reduce swelling and tear in your blood with fresh blood, nutrients and lymphatic fluid to help speed healing and recovery from fatigue, pain and cramp related issues. Dynamic compression is not only an effective way to improve circulation, flush lactic acid, and increase oxidation of muscle tissue, it helps you to get you back on your feet faster. It helps you to get more oxygen throughout your body and which in turn results in high performance.

The study

The Goal of this compression therapy is to increase blood circulation in lower limb.

We did an individual study of fitness enthusiast and found out how the use of fabrelax boosts their performance. These are the factors that we took into account.

*This data is based on the study conducted by us.

Performance enhancement 


Healing of internal wounds


Flushing out of lactic acid


Supply oxygen improvement 


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