Everyone is well aware of the deadly virus spreading all over the world. As we all know, Coronavirus is rapidly growing and this is affecting the whole world.

As we all know coronavirus spreads through :

    1. Respiratory droplets of an infected person through sneezing and coughing.
    2. Touching a contaminated surface and then touching the eyes, nose, or mouth.

You may have heard a lot of things about coronavirus and also many people share home remedies to treat it but there is no vaccine for COVID-19 to till date. We cannot treat this virus at home but taking certain precautions will help you to save you from COVID-19.

Use masks at work or going outside:

There are different kinds of surgical masks i.e. N95 masks, Kawach masks, surgical masks, and cloth masks are beneficial to stop the droplets from entering your mouth. Kawach mask is one of the most popular masks because it offers you complete protection. Kawach Mask is developed by the E-Tex, an IIT Delhi Startup, Kawach mask is made of smart protective textile that protects bacteria from coming into your mouth. The fabric is 100% protective against the covid-19 bacteria’s

N95 Respirators and Masks

An N95 respirator and N95 masks are respiratory protective devices that are used to achieve a very close facial fit and also give efficient filtration of airborne particles.
N95 masks provide protection against different particles from entering the mouth and nose.

In this pandemic, Kawach N95 masks are very useful to protect ourselves as it helps to stop the airborne particles from entering into the mouth and nose.
The ‘N95’ means that it blocks at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 microns) test particles. A properly fitted Kawach N95 respirator helps to eliminate the risk of the virus particle entering into the mouth or nose.

Surgical masks:

Kawach surgical mask is a loose-fitting, disposable mask that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose from contact with droplets, splashes, and sprays that may contain germs. The kawach surgical mask also filters large particles present in the air. Surgical masks may protect others by reducing exposure coming from the saliva and respiratory secretions of the mask wearer.

Surgical masks do not give complete protection from germs and other contaminants. Because of the loose-fitting between the surface of the face mask and your face. Also, surgical masks are used only 1-2 times after that your mask is not fit for use and does not protect you. After the use of masks 1-2 times, it is advisable to safely discard your mask, place it in a plastic bag, and put it in the trash. Wash your hands properly after handling the used mask.

Here are some face mask precautions to remember:

        • Don’t use masks if you have trouble breathing or are unconscious.
        • Don’t use a mask already used by someone else.
        • Don’t put masks on children under 2-3 years of age.

As coronavirus spreads through from contamination, this is compulsory to use face masks, sanitizer and not touch your face. If possible, stay at your home.


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